Visualizing a lift in a loft apartment

Kalea Lifts approached us about producing pictures of their new cabin lift in various interiors and implementations. We designed this modern loft interior to keep the lift in focus to show how it can fit into everyday life.

A Modern Product In A Modern Interior

We created a custom interior perfect for the lift to ensure it really fit into the style of the surroundings and became more of a design element than something you want to hide away.

Kalea Lift Render Loft Apartment Visualization
Kalea Lift Loft Apartment Bedroom Render

A Lift That Ties Together The Whole Apartment

Like a central travel hub the Lift ties together the whole apartment in a classy style that heightens the whole image of the interior, from kitchen to bedroom.

The Most Modern Homelift Around

This exclusive version of the lift comes with modern touch panels and exclusive finishes meant to be a part of the interior you’ll want to display produly in your interior.

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