3D Visualization prices

Prices can vary a lot depending on the scope of the project. Below are some examples on starting prices to clear things up.

These are all common starting prices. Please note that they can even be lower for especially simple jobs that require less work.

How much does 3D visualization cost?

  • Product Visualization —  From €120
  • Animation —  Contact us for an estimate.
  • Interior Visualization —  From €490
  • Exterior Visualization —  From €885
  • 3D Modelling —  From €98
  • 360 Product Rotator —  From €390
  • 360 Panorama View €690

* All prices are excluding VAT.

All costs include at least one finished picture (or animation).

Additional pictures of the same material such as different angles, color variations etc. starts from 500 SEK

Bigger jobs with a lot of material can often get a discount.

If you want more precise prices you can always contact us for a free quotation, no strings attached.

Discounted Package Prices

We are happy to put together a discounted package price for those who need several different visualisations.

For example, if your campaign requires both still images and animations or you have a product with multiple variations to show, we'll arrange a unique package price for you so you get more for your budget.

Product Visualization Prices

Product visualization is very wide in what it can entail and can often be combined with other services. For example displaying a product in an interior.

The source material can also affect the price. Some customer already have 3D models of their products while some require 3D modeling.

Prices starts at €120*

*For orders of multiple product pictures we usually provide a big discount.

Example of a cheaper product visualization:
A single product displayed realistically with a solid or transparent background.

Example of a more costly product visualization:
A complex product that requires 3D modelling from scratch and installed in a complex interior visualization.


Product visualization of a cabin lift

3D Animation Prices

Prices of animated video material depend on the complexity of the subject of the material and the length of the animation.

Prices varies too much from project to project to be able to set a starting price. Please contact us for a free quotation.


Example of a cheaper animation:
A shorter sequence displaying a product and some decoration. Often suitable for social media.

Example of a more costly animation:
A more complex, longer advert with multiple different sequences and effects.


YouTube video

3D Interior Visualization Prices

The complexity of an interior can vary a lot depending on how big and detailed the scene is.

Prices starts at €490


Example of a cheaper interior:
A corner of a room with some furniture and decoration.

Example of a more costly interior:
A big open layout with full interior decoration for many different angles of camera shots.


Interior bedroom render with a sea view

3D Exterior Architectural Visualization Prices

The size and complexity of the house and the surrounding area both affects the price of real estate visualization.

Prices starts at €885


Example of a cheaper exterior:
A single, simple villa with a garden and some nature around it.

Example of a more costly exterior:
A big apartment building in an urban setting with other complex houses around it.


Architectural rendering of a modern apartment building

3D Modelling Prices

Prices of 3D modelling is based mostly on how complex the model is. It can also depend a bit on what material the customer can provide to base it on. 

Prices starts at €98


Example of a cheaper 3D modelling:
A relatively simple object like a chair or a product package.

Example of a more costly 3D modelling:
A complicated object with many parts and details like a big machine.

360 Product Rotator Prices

Prices for a 360 rotation function varies mostly depending on what material there is to base the visualization on and if it requires 3D modelling as well.

Prices starts at €390


Example of a cheaper 360 rotator:
A single simpler product that already has 3D models.

Example of a more costly 360 rotator:
A complex product with many details that requires 3D modelling. 


Cibes Lift 360 Rotator Visualization

360 Panorama View Prices

The prices of an interactive 360 view depends mostly on the subject and will usually be combined with an interior or an exterior visualization.

Prices starts at €690


Example of a cheaper 360 panorama:
A single, relatively simple room with some furniture and decoration.

Example of a more costly 360 panorama:
A complex bigger, open room with lots of details and decoration.


Villa Kitchen Render

Other Prices

Didn’t find what you were looking for?
We can produce (almost) anything with 3D visualization. We have long experience with realtime 3D, AR, VR and much more.

Contact us today and we can provide a custom solution for your needs.


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