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Eliminate the all hassle of producing visual material. With 3D visualization, you get higher quality, easily and smoothly.

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product visualization of a cosmetic product

We Provide Complete Freedom Of Creativity For Marketers

Ever finished an expensive photo shoot only to have R&D change the product after the fact? We too, have been there. With over 10 years in marketing we have gone through it all.

By switching to 3D, you can change anything, even after the material is done usually with very little added cost and time.

  • Complete freedom.
  • Photos and animations in one go.

Visualize complex compositions and animations that would be impossible with real life photography.

Bring out the best in your product and ensure that it stands out from the competition and generate more business for you.

product visualization of a realistic nature composition

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Visuals By Nor vinner Guld i A' Design Awards!
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{Professional and flexible! Delivered exactly as I wanted it.
Alex Johansson
Revente Bygg & Målning AB
{It's easy to be a customer when you're dealing with highly competent companies. Great from start to finish - and even after delivery!
Morgan Fihn
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{We had the opportunity to work with Visuals By Nor for our startup, and it was the best choice to appoint them for our project. Not only were they very professional, quick at replying back and price-worthy, they were also excellent at meeting our expectations and visions. [...]
Mikaela Wilje
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{Very professional agency with high quality results. Would highly recommend them for 3D design project.
Panos Papadopoulos
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{Visuals By Nor helped us design and visualize our new cafe here in Paris. They listened to our needs, were very easy to work with and the result looks great!
Xiaotian Yang
Mollys Restaurant
{I am very pleased with the collaboration with Visuals by Nor! We were to produce 3D-rendered images before a major product launch for our Kalea brand, and thanks to their responsiveness, everything went smoothly, from quotation to delivery. [...]
Johanna Aaw
Cibes Lift

Some of our customers

In need of transparent product pictures for your webshop?

We provide quality product visualization for e-commerce in the form of high-resolution images with perfect transparent backgrounds that can be used for both web and for print.


3d product visualizations of beauty products
3d product visualization of cosmetics products

A Custom Environment Design For Your Product

We produce tailor-made environments, perfect for showing off your product.

Any setting you want. No longer any need for physical locations and expensive staging.

  • Quick turnaround times.
  • High resolution and DPI.

Give your customers the feeling of what your product could do for their lives.

product visualization of a cabin lift in a modern interior

Visualize Product Options and Variations

With 3D product visualization it’s easier than ever to showcase the differences in options and variations of your products. Just look at how basically all car companies use it to visualize all their different options.

Test our different materials and looks during R&D with realistic 3D pictures, so you can make sure you pick the right option.

  • Perfect for showing different colors and other options in your web shop.
  • Visualize clearly for your customer what the difference is.
  • 360 Video or “rotator function” for your site.
  • Great for educational material like internal training.
product visualization of a cabin lift

3D Modeling

Based on your blueprints, photos or sketches we can produce accurate 3D models of your products if you don’t already have them.



Using the 3D models of your product we compose a sketch of the final pictures and send the mover for feedback.


Changes Based on Feedback

We will do revisions based on your feedback and send new sketches for you to approve.

Final Material

Once you approve the sketches we render out the final high resolution material and send them over to you.

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Why use 3D instead of Photography for product pictures?

Visualizing products using 3D instead of traditional product photography has many benefits like cost, delivery time and more control.

We’ll go through the major benefits one by one.


3D Product Visualization is often significantly cheaper than a photoshoot

A big reason that makes digital 3D attractive for producing product images is that it’s often the more economical solution both in the short term and even more so in the long run.
Of course, this can vary slightly depending on the product type, but in general, it’s cheaper than a complex photoshoot while also producing a better, more professional looking result.

With 3D product visualization, you no longer have to book a photoshoot with a product photographer, find or rent a location for the shoot and then stage it with decoration, setting up your product and lighting, providing catering and lodging for the photographers and more.
This usually is a huge time sink and require a whole team to get right. In addition, if the product in question requires construction work like setting up to shoot kitchen cabinets or similar, that’s a big extra cost.

None of this is required with 3D as it’s all done digitally by a 3D artist.


3D is generally faster

For the same reasons why 3D is more cost-effective, it’s also often faster when you account for all the preparation and work required for a photoshoot.

Another even bigger reason is that you can produce 3D material of a product before production of the item has even started.

As long as you have blueprints, drawings, sketches or a prototype, that’s all you need to produce lifelike pictures and videos of the product so you can start marketing as soon as possible.


Easy to do product changes without expensive reshoots

If you change the product or add additional options in the future, all you need to do is contact us, and we will open up the previous project and update it with the changes.

We keep all the old project files safely stored so we can open them up again in the future for updates.

This means a big part of the job is already done, and the cost for updates will usually be much lower than making it all from scratch.

Please note that this is just how we work, as we think it’s fair to the customer to not overcharge for smaller stuff, and we don’t charge for safekeeping older project files so we can use them if the customer comes back in the future. However, this is not always the case in some studios, so we can’t say this is the case for the whole industry.


Creative freedom

With product visualization via 3d, anything is possible. You are no longer bound by the laws of physics or the items you have available.
As a result, we can produce compositions and animations that wouldn’t be possible in real life. This allows for complete unbridled creativity.


Cosmetic Product Picture Visualized with 3D

3D product visualization is perfect for marketing material

With product visualization, you can produce both images for your web shop, animations for traditional advertisement and segments for social media in one go, creating a unified style and feeling in your marketing material that makes it feel more professional.


Great for concept art during the R&D process

With product visualization, you can take your different development ideas and test them out with realistic images at any time during the development process.

Unsure which one of your concepts to go for, which color, shape or material would look best for your product? No problem, just have a couple of realistic 3D visualizations made, so you can compare and decide what works best for your product.
Bring these images for your pitch to give it that “wow factor“.


A clearer way to show your product

With product visualization, you can easily create identical product images for each of your different options and variations and display them directly without any background on your web shop.

Make sure that the customers understand the difference immediately and can easily compare between them.

This is used extensively in the car industry, where every model has all its options visualized with 3D so you can flip between them and see the difference.

A person lift product visualization

Perfect transparent backgrounds

No longer do you have to photoshop out backgrounds or shadows from your photoshoot to ensure it looks good in your material.

By using 3D, you can get the material completely without background as a transparent .png or .tif from the start.
No white pixels on the edges that you have to go in and photoshop away, just a perfect transparent background.

Perfect transparency can also be achieved for video files so you can use them in your own compositions.


360 Rotation feature

With 3D, you can produce a rotation function you embed on your site so the customers can interactively rotate your product to look at it from all angles.

This can be a powerful way of helping your customers understand your product, and it looks great on the site.

Cibes Lift 360 Rotator Visualization

  360 Rotator Visualization we made for Cibes Lift

What is product 3D rendering?

3D visualization is the practice of using various computer software to make digital three-dimensional representations of real-life products.

First, a 3D artist will model the object as true to life as possible. There are many different software and techniques for this,

Then digital materials will be created and applied that look and behave as real-life materials do. We use Physically Based Rendering or PBR, which uses real-life values in determining how the materials should behave. This gives a very close-to-life representation of the real-life counterpart.

In The next step, the model with its materials will be arranged with digital lights, backgrounds and maybe other objects in a nice composition and or animated.

The last and final step is to render out the pictures or sequence of pictures that makes up an animated video.

This is an automated process that uses a lot of computer resources and often takes many hours and even days, depending on how complicated the material is and how high the resolution is.

Get started with product visualization today

…with new product material for your marketing efforts. It’s simpler than you think and we will make it as easy as possible to get stunning new material that sets you apart from the competition.

We’d love to hear about your project or campaign. If you don’t know exactly what you need, we can advise you and brainstorm ideas for material that fits your budget and the style and feel that works for your brand and campaign.

All we need from you is some basic product information such as drawings, photos, sketches or CAD files to base the material on. 

During the process, we will send over drafts for you to have a look at and give feedback on. This ensures that you know the project is going in the right direction and that you get exactly what you want.

After we get feedback we do changes and adjustments and send over new drafts, free of charge within the scope of the project.

Finally, we render out the high-resolution finished material and send it over securely to you.

It couldn’t be easier.