Product visualization that makes your brand stand out

Eliminate the hassle of product photography and expensive video productions. With 3D visualization, you get higher quality, easily and smoothly.

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Why product visualization?

All the really big brands create their material digitally via product visualization, but that doesn’t mean that only they can do it.

The benefits of product visualization are many.

  • High resolution and sharpness. Avoid the hassle of blurry photos that are not suitable for printing.
    We usually create everything in at least 4000 pixels resolution so you can use the material both on the web and in print.
  • Start marketing before the product is put into production. By creating your image and film material digitally via 3D, you don’t have to wait for the product to be produced.
  • Complete creative freedom. Anything is possible when created digitally. We bring your marketing campaign to life with striking visuals.
  • No need to freeze by hand. We make sure you get the product images fully exposed so you can easily use them without a background in your marketing material.
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Some of our customers


Google Reviews

Visuals By Nor vinner Guld i A' Design Awards!
{Pleasant and professional. Very satisfied with our product images.
Linnea Ark
Nordic Beauty House
{Professional and flexible! Delivered exactly as I wanted it.
Alex Johansson
Revente Bygg & Målning AB
{It's easy to be a customer when you're dealing with highly competent companies. Great from start to finish - and even after delivery!
Morgan Fihn
Herrljunga Terrazzo AB
Hesy AB Logotype
{We had the opportunity to work with Visuals By Nor for our startup, and it was the best choice to appoint them for our project. Not only were they very professional, quick at replying back and price-worthy, they were also excellent at meeting our expectations and visions. [...]
Mikaela Wilje
Hesy AB
{Very professional agency with high quality results. Would highly recommend them for 3D design project.
Panos Papadopoulos
Lezzat LTD
{Visuals By Nor helped us design and visualize our new cafe here in Paris. They listened to our needs, were very easy to work with and the result looks great!
Xiaotian Yang
Mollys Restaurant
{I am very pleased with the collaboration with Visuals by Nor! We were to produce 3D-rendered images before a major product launch for our Kalea brand, and thanks to their responsiveness, everything went smoothly, from quotation to delivery. [...]
Johanna Aaw
Cibes Lift
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Stand out from the crowd

Your visual material is what makes customers notice you.

You can blow your entire budget on carefully planned marketing that then fails because the images and videos don’t attract attention.

Don’t take any chances, we help you with fully customized product visualization that really stands out and makes customers react.

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    In need of product images for your store?

    First impressions are hugely important for capturing customers’ attention in the sea of different products they see online.

    We create professional high-resolution images with perfectly transparent backgrounds that you can easily use for both your online shop and in print.


    Visualize all your different options via 3D

    Make it easy for your customers to understand the difference between your different product options and variations. Product visualization makes it clearer than ever and eliminates the hassle of photographing them by hand.

    No matter how many different variations you have, we’ll get it right so you can focus on what you do best.

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    Our Process

    We always turn to you for feedback during the projec with which we make adjustments until you are satisfied.



    We start by going through the specification and material you provide us. We can work with your CAD files, drawings or blueprints. Whichever material you can provide.



    Based on your specificaion and material we will compose drafts in the form of early 3D renders of the project and send them over for feedback.


    Changes Based on Feedback

    We do revisions based on your feedback and send over new drafts for you to approve.
    We always include a number of changes for free with each project.

    Final Renders

    Once you approve the drafts we produce the final high resolution material and send it over to you through a safe, encrypted file transfering service.

    FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    What kind of product can be created with 3D product visualization?

    Product visualization is suitable for most things and we can create almost all types of products via 3D.

    We have extensive experience in polygon modeling, 3D sculpting, CAD modeling, simulation, procedural 3D modeling and photogrammetry to ensure that we always have a suitable solution for even the most complicated products.

    Tell us about your product and your needs and we will put together a proposal for a suitable solution.

    What material do you need?

    The base material for product visualization can vary depending on the project, but most of the time we just need something visual to be able to recreate the product. If you already have 3D/CAD files we can use them, otherwise we can work with drawings, sketches, photos or samples.

    If the product has a print or label, we need some kind of print file, e.g. .pdf or other vector format is preferable.

    Based on this, we create a realistic 3D model of the product down to the smallest detail. Then, in the next step, we create digital materials with the same physical properties as the product's real materials so that the digital representation looks as realistic as possible.

    We always send drafts to you during the course of the project so that you can comment and make sure it's going in the right direction. If you find something you want to adjust, we fix it and send you new drafts. This is always done free of charge as long as it is within the scope of the project.

    Can we get the material in any file format/resolution/etc?

    We always create all material in high resolution so that it can be used both digitally and for print.
    Usually we create still images in 4k unless you request otherwise. There is no limit on resolution so we can produce really huge images if needed. For example, we have delivered images in 20k resolution that were needed to be printed on a city bus.

    Mostly we deliver product images as 4k, 300 DPI .tif files with product and background in separate layers. Usually we also send alternative formats such as .jpg or similar for easier use at no extra cost. If you want a different format, we can provide it.

    Animated material is usually delivered in 1080p or 4k, but we can of course deliver other resolutions and aspect ratios suitable for all your different platforms.

    An advantage of product visualization is that if you find out later that you need the same material in a new resolution, we can easily pick up the previous project and render it again in the desired format.

    What happens if we need to update the images later?

    This is a really good advantage of product visualization.

    We always save all project files so that we can easily pick them up again in the future and make any changes. We then charge less for updates because a lot of the work is already done.

    It is very common that our customers come back several times a year when they have updated their products with e.g. new artwork or new launches.

    This means that even if we create more material long afterwards, it will match your previous material perfectly so it feels uniform and neat.

    Can you create both still images and animations?

    Everything we create can be made in the same high quality as moving, animated material.

    This makes it very beneficial to create your marketing material via product visualization.
    We put together a complete project with all the material you need, including moving material, still images in the same theme and typical product images so that it feels coherent and professional.

    How does it work?

    Of course, this varies per project. The process is quite different when we create still images versus when we create advanced motion design animations.

    For typical product visualization, projects look something like this:

    • First we listen and talk through your needs, either by email or in a meeting, and then we put together a proposal and a price estimate or quote.
      If the price feels too high, we can always discuss the project and often find a solution that fits within your budget.
    • After the start of the project, we start creating detailed 3D models of your products if you do not already have them. After the model is ready, we create digital materials that match the physical properties of the product's real materials.
    • When the products are ready, we build the environment. This can be a simple photo studio around the product for typical product images, or a detailed environment for more inspiring images.
    • Once the images are ready, we render out lower-resolution drafts and send them over for feedback.
      This is where you can make sure the project is moving in the right direction. If you have requests, we make adjustments and send you new drafts. We include this at no extra cost as long as it fits within the framework of the project, so you can always be sure that you will be satisfied.
    • Once the drafts are approved, we render the images in high resolution and send them to you securely so you can start using them.

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